Cacao & Breathwork

Sunday 15th of October


During this beautiful day you slow down and allow yourself to listen deeply to your emotions, feelings and deepest desires. The breath in combination with cacao is a soft invitation to open your heart and explore your inner world. While breathing you sink deep into your body and the spirit of cacao guides you to let go of all the things that hold you back from growing.


Change your breath, change your life


In this Cacao & connected breathwork journey you give yourself permission to communicate with your body in a new way, improve your energy level, process emotions or resolve traumas in the body. Breathwork is healing. It opens the gate to a more conscious and stable life. You learn to feel better who you are, what you want and what your limits are.

It is the most beautiful way to reconnect deeply with your heart, body, and Higher Self.



Do you want to....

♡ open your heart in a safe space and feel supported?

♡ get in touch with your inner power more?

♡ feel free in your body again?

♡ embrace your inner fire and own your strength?

♡ learn to trust your soft voice?

Then this Cacao & Breathwork session is for you!

Cacao Ceremony

Together we drink Cacao and connect on a deep level. It opens your heart, the connection with your body and you are able to connect with each other on a deeper level.

The heart-opening medicine.

Drinking cacao in a ceremony has been around for thousands of years (first traces found 5300 BC in Ecuador) and originates from the Mayas and Aztecs in Central and South America. Cacao is seen as a gift from the gods (Latin - Theobroma meaning food of the gods). You step out of the head and into the body. It's a medicine that helps us to heal and transform.

What others share about their experience



Date: Sunday, October 15th

Time: 13:00 PM - 16:00 PM

▪︎ Your loving investment:

Solo ticket € 70,-

Duo Ticket € 130,- (65 euros p.p.)

▪︎ What is included in this price?

Cacao Ceremony, Connected Breathing, Integration, snacks, Coaching, valuable insights.

▪︎ Locations:

M.Y. Journey
Pomonaplein 49 A
2564 XS Den Haag


Who are we?

We are Bobby and Cato and have connected in our journey of consciousness.

We knew each other from the past and have connected again because of the same interests in self-healing and awareness. After evenings of chatting and connecting with Spirit Cacao, we felt it was time to create something together. Creating something beautiful together for you. We have our own strength and expertise, but believe in the power of together.

Together we are a very beautiful, powerful and loving duo! We look forward to meeting you.

What do we stand for?

We, Bobby & Cato, create a safe space where you can give full expression to yourself. Safety is key!

Feel welcome!


Dit ben ik, Cato van Geniet van Zijn.

Dit is Bobby Verbaan. De prachtige vrouw met wie ik samen werk. Benieuwd naar Bobby? Check hier haar website.